Subway and Airpor:Sahs



When you use a variety of power supply equipment in the subway and airport, to ensure the whole system with high quality and efficiency without risk becomes very difficult. Because your buildings lack a "green safety" center

SVG dynamic reactive power compensation device as the first subsystem of Sahs system, power compensation problems to solve.

Dynamic reactive power compensation device SVG (also referred to as the STATCOM) is based on the dynamic reactive power compensation device of high-power inverter, it with high power three-phase voltage type inverter as the core, the output voltage by connecting reactance access system, and the system voltage to keep the same frequency, phase, by adjusting the output voltage amplitude and the relationship between the system voltage amplitude to determine the nature of the output power, when the amplitude is greater than the system when the output voltage amplitude capacitive reactive power, is less than the perceptual reactive power output.

APF active filter as the second subsystem of Sahs system, low harmonic problems to solve.

Active power filter (APF) is a kind of used for dynamic suppress harmonic    and compensate reactive power of the new power electronic devices, it can       changes to the size and frequency of harmonic and compensate reactive power. Is called active, as the name suggests the device will need to provide power supply (to compensate the main circuit of harmonic), its application can overcome the   shortcomings of traditional LC filter harmonic suppression and reactive power      compensation method shortcomings can only be fixed compensation (traditional),   has realized the dynamic tracing compensation, and can fill both for harmonic and reactive power, instantaneous reactive power theory in three-phase circuit is the main basis for the development of APF theory. APF has parallel and series two   kinds, the former use. Shunt active filter mainly governance current harmonic,     voltage harmonic series active filter is mainly governance. Main active filter can    filter out at the same time a large number of low order harmonics, won't cause  resonance, but relatively high prices.

        Third subsystem of Muihs:HP-solve problems of electrical interference

        Chenahoya in 2005, the development of a high-tech products - CHHPA harmonic purification apparatus. CHHPA harmonic purification device adopts the most advanced manufacturing technology, advanced crystal alloy materials, to power grid harmonic content of 1 KHZ to 30 MHZ active cleansing; To the building of advanced electrical equipment (such as active filter, UPS power supply, rectifier, frequency conversion fan, frequency elevator, central air-conditioning, all kinds of variable frequency pump etc.) in the operation of every harmonic and transient pulse purification to eliminate, which greatly reduces the Sahs skin effect in the circuit, reduce the copper loss, iron loss and magnetic hysteresis phenomenon, both reduced Sahs circuit working temperature and can suppress the high frequency noise, pulse peak, surge current, at the same time also can track the voltage and current waveform, the waveform of the distortion correction, ensure the safe operation of the load.