Subway and Airpor:Sahs



       Chenahoya’s Sahs (SVG - APF - HP System dynamic compensation clean power supply and distribution System harmonic) strict implementation of international standards EN 50091-3, EN 61000-6-2, EN55011, EN 50178:1997, the international electrician IEC 62040-3, IEC 50178:1997, AS 62040-3 (VFI in SS 111), CISPR11 standards, subways and airports, and other important places is dedicated to provide you with security, stability, energy saving, environmental protection of the power supply.

Chenahoya’s independent laboratory testing agencies to ensure that the company's products quality, and product technology development provides a reliable guarantee for the company; Chengcheng Hao abida and Finland industry standards committee and the international electrotechnical commission members maintain close contact, to ensure the advanced, stability and security of the company's products.

Sahs dynamic compensation harmonic purification design flexibility, versatility and power supply and distribution system has characteristics such as easy to install, can save a lot of equipment operation and maintenance costs.