When you use a variety of power supply equipment in the hospital 2 places, to ensure the whole system with high quality and efficiency without risk becomes very difficult. Because your buildings lack a "green safety" centers.

        First subsystem of Muihs:UPS-solve problems of power outages

        UPS is the abbreviation of English Uninterruptible Power System, its meaning is continuous Power supply System. That is to say, Muihs once connected to the mains power outages, UPS is almost in no time gap to the original load under the condition of continuous power supply.

         Sencond subsystem of Muihs:IT-solve problems of power leakage

         IT is Non-ground neutral power distribution system, IT undertake the first subsystem of stable power, and is different from the traditional TT, TN power supply and distribution system. Traditional power grid based on the reference potential, the phase line current can pass and not insulated channels, a circuit to the earth, this is the essence of electric shock. And IT the power supply after isolation transformer isolation, original power grids of the earth is no longer a reference potential, no one output line IT can be with the earth constitute a loop, this ensures the safety of power supply. Specific 2 places to go to the hospital, patient and a variety of medical electrical equipment connected, traditional TN -s leakage flows through the ground wire in the power supply system into the operating room, ICU, CCU medical electrical equipment, make patient to electrocution; And IT the power of the earth is no longer a reference potential, up to the patient leakage to the earth structure of circuit, so will not result in electric shock accidents.

        Third subsystem of Muihs:HP-solve problems of electrical interference

Chenahoya in 2005, the development of a high-tech products - CHHPA harmonic purification apparatus. CHHPA harmonic purification device adopts the most advanced manufacturing technology, advanced crystal alloy materials, to power grid harmonic content of 1 KHZ to 30 MHZ active cleansing; To the building of advanced electrical equipment (such as active filter, UPS power supply, rectifier, frequency conversion fan, frequency elevator, central air-conditioning, all kinds of variable frequency pump, bed intensive care instrument, CT, MRI, ecg machine, high frequency electric knife, etc.) in the operation of every harmonic and transient pulse purification to eliminate, which greatly reduces the Muihs skin effect in the circuit, reduce the copper loss, iron loss and magnetic hysteresis phenomenon, both reduced Muihs circuit working temperature and can suppress the high frequency noise, pulse peak, surge current, at the same time also can track the voltage and current waveform, the waveform of the distortion correction, ensure the safe operation of the load.