System structure of Muihs


Note: the portion of the icon is green UPS, the red is part of IT, the blue is HP part, three parts into Muihs organic unity. The system models in Muihs8311-5KVA ,“8” represents the system is composed of eight kinds of equipment (i.e., the continuous power supply equipment, isolation transformer, insulation monitors, external alarm display, transformer, special power supply, the insulation fault locator, harmonic purification apparatus), “3” represents a continuous front three-phase power supply equipment into the electricity (3p), the previous“1” represents a single-phase into electrical isolation transformer front-end (2p or 1p), after a “1”represents the front-end single-phase harmonic purification apparatus into electricity (2p or 1p), 5KVA representative for the power rating of the power supply equipment and isolation transformer; In Muihs7111“7 ”represents in the eight kinds of equipment of removing insulation fault locator; In Muihs6333“ 6 ”represents the 8 kinds of equipment in removing insulation fault locator and harmonic purification apparatus; In Muihs5311“ 5 ”represent eight kinds of equipment in removing insulation fault locator, harmonic purification apparatus and continuous power supply equipment (other analogy).

Above Muihs on the design drawings can draw for Jane (other specifications and so on)