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         Hospital ECG (electrocardiogram) in the examination room to power quality requirement is very high, when the pollution of electrical signals, the output of the ECG data will change, even useful signals are completely covered and can't identify. Below for hospital use Muihs before and after the measured current waveform.

      Fuyang city second people's hospital distribution system using dual power supply, which contains a lot of medical equipment such as MRI, CT, X-ray machine, etc., as well as lighting, air conditioning, elevators and other office equipment such as load, to the system brings serious harmonic pollution. The power supply quality is difficult to guarantee high reliability operation of medical equipment, this needs to improve the quality of power supply at the same time also promote the energy saving.

Power supply scheme (Muihs7111-8 KVA)


In first two each installation on the low voltage side of transformer 1 CHHPA - 200 a / 400 v - 4 l harmonic purification device for harmonic purification. Current distortion rate dropped to 16% from 1.8%, in addition there are unbalanced three phase current situation here, and contains certain 3 harmonics, so line current is very big, when GHHPA - 200 a / 400 v - 4 l harmonic purification plant work in harmonic reactive power compensation and three phase current unbalanced work mode, in addition to significantly reduce the harmonic pollution, also effectively improve the unbalanced three phase current situation, reduce the loss of the center line of the current size and fever and improve the safety and reliability.

Due to fuyang city second people's hospital of large medical apparatus and instruments frequently (such as mri, CT, X-ray machine, etc.), so that cause the fluctuations of the electric current is very fast, the distribution system of the instantaneous impact is very large, harmonic current size is change accordingly, easily lead to precision treatment and diagnosis of equipment failure rate increases, shorten the life, and even damaged. System there are also some other higher harmonic current, can lead to overheating of the midline, bring fire hazards. Muihs7111-8 kva system in addition to solve the problem of the power leakage problem, also on the power distribution system harmonic dynamic filtering, thus precisely and quickly to compensate the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), computed tomography (CT) and other large medical equipment frequently produce harmonic current, the normal operation of equipment provides a safe, green security.

Most medical equipment for the nonlinear load, the work is produced when the pollution caused by the harmonic of power supply system, increase the line loss, reduces the power factor, reduces the work of transformer capacity; Harmonic leads to protection and automatic device misoperation or failure caused by abnormal power or failure to expand; Harmonic current of the electromagnetic interference will affect the accuracy of electronic testing equipment.

The Muihs7111-8 KVA can improve the power quality, has great social significance and economic benefits: harmonic current and harmonic voltage drops below the national standard value; Obviously improve the power factor and efficiency increased by more than 9%, improve the load capacity of transformer; Ensure the safe and reliable operation of the electronic medical equipment performance; Have achieved satisfactory results, is well received by the second people's hospital of fuyang.