"Demand is the first driving force"of social development.” Chenahoya 's Muihs (Medical UPS - IT - HP System) arises at the historic moment, and with the development of the world science and technology, constantly, has created a new industry.

In the hospital, in order to check and direct contact with patients or treatment equipment (including lead), there are three kinds of application:  

Application group 0 class: no use the power of medical equipment in the medical area

For example: the examination room, waiting room, massage room, etc

Grid application group 1: Use the grid of medical equipment in the medical area, but they do not have parts inserted into the patient  

For example, wards, delivery room, X-ray room, etc

● Application group 2 class: use the grid of medical equipment in the medical place, they are used in the heart or the body internal operation, real-time monitoring of patients or patients to maintain life

Preparation room room, operating room, such as: anesthesia surgery, surgical plaster chamber, surgery recovery room, cardiac catheter inserted into room, angiographic examination room, premature care unit, ICU (intensive care unit), CCU (cardiac care unit), etc  

Application of group 2 class medical place common electrical equipment are:  

a)breathing machine

b) constant temperature incubator

c) d) dialysis equipment anesthesia equipment

e) patient care equipment

f) high frequency surgical equipment

g) infusion pump

h) injection pump

I) the heart-lung machine

j) heart rate recorder

k) pulse pressure machine

l) rhythm of the electronic pulse regulator, etc

In the two places in the hospital, the doctor to patient care, and treatment. Unstable power (electricity, leakage, interference of power supply and distribution system) will directly threat to patient safety, so the hospital the safety of power supply and distribution system is particularly important.

Muihs is developed for this purpose. Muihs strictly enforce Finland SFS6000, IEC60364-7-710, IEC61000-4-5, IEC60939-1-2, 2 nd UI1449 Edition TVSS Testing, CSA Standards Class 9091 & 81, CSA Std. 9091 01 C22, NEMALS - 1. NEC Surge Suppression, Standards. Electrical Notice 516, aims to provide security, stability, energy saving, environmental protection of electric power to the various medical 2 places.

Chenahoya’s independent laboratory inspection agencies to ensure that the company product quality, and provides the reliable guarantee for the technical development of products; Chenahoya with Finland industry standards committee and the international electrotechnical commission members maintain close contact, in order to ensure the advanced, stability and security of the products.

Muihs design flexibility, widely used and has characteristics of easy to install, can save a lot of equipment operation and maintenance costs.