System characteristics of Muihs

         1. When the power is Muihs zero time will continue to power supply, storage battery dc into ac makes the backend equipment like power is not continue to work normally.
2. The mains voltage is too high or too low when Muihs voltage regulator (AVR) will make appropriate adjustments, to keep the output voltage in the range of use, if the voltage is too low or too high than can use scope, Muihs system will continue to power supply, storage battery dc into ac immediately in order to protect the user equipment.
3. Muihs can solve the problem of unbalanced three-phase power supply voltage, improve power factor of power supply and distribution system, reactive power compensation.

4. Muihs can purify the harmonic (up to 30 MHZ), improve the quality of power supply. When power supply is used in the large nonlinear loads (such as: silicon controlled rectifier and diode power supply, etc.), will bring serious harmonic current to power grid, greatly damage the power supply environment. Muihs system according to the tracking to clean up all kinds of frequency band harmonic, both characteristics of the harmonic and can purify higher harmonic, even load change are not affected. Using Muihs system can effectively solve the grid after serious harmonic current, but also improve the voltage harmonic, make the client so as to protect the security and reliability of electrical equipment. General power supply and distribution system for waveform distortion rate is not greater than 5%, while Muihs system distortion rate is far less than 3%.

5. Muihs due to eliminate the harmonic distortion phenomenon such as in the circuit, the circuit of iron loss, copper loss, skin effect, eddy current, and even fully overcome resonance phenomenon, avoids the above various factors of electric power, in the true sense of energy conservation. According to the different power electricity saving rate can reach more than 5% to 15%.

6. Muihs system for transient pulse in the circuit, the surge has a strong inhibition, especially to the surge of absorptive capacity is the highest in the world (1.3 million joules), transient absorption impulse voltage and current capacity up to 35000 v and 20000 amperes, thus greatly protect circuit, from big surge caused by short circuit such as equipment failure or accident.

7. Muihs of circuit of frequency harmonic (higher harmonic, low harmonic) has strong inhibition and elimination capacity, highest can reach to 40 db attenuation ability (i.e., eliminate 99% caused by all kinds of harmonic voltage and current distortion). Of each load and effectively prevent the harmonic superposition, truly achieve eliminate pollution, eliminate safety hidden trouble, prolong the service life of equipment.

8. Electric power company is required to the amount of the harmonic of transformer end, such as capacitor, transformer and motor can result from a harmonic damage, use Muihs system not only protect their own equipment and circuit of the power sector.  

9. Muihs isolation transformer to the highest level on the market at present in the system, the H class dedicated transformer insulation heat level temperature up to 180 ℃), the performance is more than the standard requirement of medical isolation transformer.

10. Muihs system for reducing the hospital contact voltage and power grid to floor drain current (effective control operation on heart of direct current), so the patient to get an electric shock danger was to a minimum.

11. Muihs insulation monitoring device in the system, on the one hand, real-time continuous monitoring system for the insulation of the state, on the other hand also detection system overload and transformer temperature rise of the state, once anomalies immediately report to the police. So Muihs system can reduce because of fever, such as the leakage causes of electrical fire accident, greatly improve the fire safety of the system.

12. Muihs system display terminal installation is simple, large-screen backlit LCD text display clear, friendly and intuitive menu operation interface, light touch button, easy to operate.
13. Muihs system by field bus and external alarm display terminal for data exchange, installation convenient and economic.

14. Muihs system has strong software functions, convenient network monitoring, remote control and intelligent management.

Anyhow, Muihs system can make the client electrical equipment, smooth and clean work continuously, so the hospital 2 places not sudden power failure, leakage, electrical accident.